Acupuncture for stop smoking

Acupuncture for stop smoking becomes more and more popular nowadays. Smoking is one of the worst addictions in this world. Some smokers can consume as much as two or three boxes of cigarettes every day. As we know, cigarettes can cause serious health problems. It has thousands chemical substances and some of them are known for causing cancer. Other dangerous diseases can also be caused by cigarette if consumed for a long time. Every year millions of people die as a result of smoking. Heart attacks, chronic pulmonary disease such as bronchitis, various types of cancer especially lung and mouth cancer, hypertension, birth defects are some of the medical disorders that caused by the negative effects of smoking habit. many people who are nonsmokers hate and dislike smoking habit as passive smokers can also be affected by the dangerous chemical substances from the smoke.

Actually, what makes cigarette addictive is nicotine. This substance is one of the natural poisons contained in cigarettes. Nicotine is that kind of substances that make you want to smoke again and again. That is why nicotine is considered as powerful addictive substance.

Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. Honestly, it is a quite hard task. When people finally decide to quit smoking, they usually will face problems in the process that make them often to give up. Most smokers will need two or more attempts in a long time to finally successfully leave the bad habit. Actually, all they need to do is to prepare themselves and focus to what they are aiming for. Some methods are also said to be effective treatments to help those people who want to give up their smoking habit. One of them is acupuncture. For years, acupuncture has been popular and known for its use as a treatment to cure various illnesses. Originated in China, this method uses needles which are then positioned under the surface of the skin at certain points of nerves plexuses around the body.

Before applying this treatment, there are some things you should know and understand about using acupuncture for stop smoking habit. These statements may help you decide and taking the wise way to be a successful permanent ex-smoker.

Research results on acupuncture for stop smoking

Many people and physicians have said that acupuncture can be an effective method for helping people stop their smoking habit, but do they have the proof? Of course, according to several clinical studies done so far, acupuncture had the significant and clear benefit and positive effects towards people who want to quit smoking. Research showed that other method, like nicotine replacement therapy, was also better but had a significantly less positive influence towards smokers than acupuncture. Since there are numerous of accurate evidence about the benefits of acupuncture for stop smoking, we can say that this treatment is really effective. However, if applied correctly and in combination with hypnosis for stop smoking this method becomes number one choice.

Acupuncture for stop smoking – acupoints

It is believed and described by the ancient books that our body has an acupuncture point which can activate the “stop smoking” effect. This point is called, “shim men”, and it is located inside of your arm. The point precisely can be found around the crease of your wrist. The acupuncture point works in the way which it influences the taste of cigarettes. Thus, there will be some changes in cigarettes taste that can only be noticed by smokers and that makes their nicotine appetite go down.

This acupuncture point is however not enough for making the smokers especially those who have been labeled as heavy smokers for years give up their bad habit. Other things, like self-control and healthy lifestyle, are also needed for reaching your goals.

Acupuncture for stop smokingAs it was officially proved acupuncture for stop smoking is one of the most effective methods. The most popular protocol in Acupuncture, however, is so-called NADA, which assumes needling of the ear acupoints in order to modify cravings by harmonizing the energy flow in patients’ body, improve brain chemistry as well as help cure the diseases and medical conditions that are the result of smoking. As a result of NADA treatment the body dumping out all toxins and residuals of cigarettes, cigars and other forms of tobacco products. Five acupoints on each ear are supposed to be needled for NADA and depending on smokers condition this treatment might be performed once or up to 12 times.

Acupuncture for stop smoking reduces addiction and side effects of smoking

Although acupuncture cannot change the smoking habit, it does have positive effects for reducing addiction and also side effects of smoking. the addiction can be described as uncontrollable wants/feelings to smoke while side effects of smoking include anxiety, irritability, anger difficulty in thinking clearly, etc. the side effects are a reflection of smokers’ needing feelings. All of them are quite normal since smoking is a part of their daily activity. When you have to leave something you used to do every day, there always will be an emotional situation that can make your mood changes.

Support from family and friends around you are also needed in order to make the treatment work efficiently. The combination of external and internal support can help smokers do the right steps.

Acupuncture for stop smoking- techniques

There are some acupuncture techniques to help smokers quitting smoking that can be learned by people including the smokers themselves. The first is the ear massage. To do this, you just need to put your thumb at the upper side in widest part of your ear and massage in circular motions. Besides, you can massage the front of your ear which connects directly to your head and also the small inner crevices there. Gentle pulls and circular motions can also be applied in the earlobe areas.

This technique is quite simple and can be done at home. Ear massage can help the body releases endorphins which are known as a natural painkiller. The massage is also useful to activate acupuncture points which balance Qi in your body.

Acupuncture is believed to be an effective treatment which can help smokers to quit their smoking habit. What is important, that there are multiple clinical studies that state and prove the significant and important role of acupuncture. We can say that this treatment can really work alone and successfully cure smoking addiction; however this treatment is even better when performed along with hypnotherapy. To make it more effective find the center that provides both techniques (acupuncture and hypnosis). In many cases, homeopathic remedies used along with acupuncture for nicotine craving control may bring unexpectedly good result. If done in a correct way and regularly, this treatment can have great effects toward smokers. Trying to stop smoking is a hard thing to do, so besides doing many different treatments smokers also need support from their closed ones and also serious intention to kick this bad habit out of their life. Applying acupuncture for stop smoking can be effective if combined with those things.

At Philadelphia Addiction Center, we have an outstanding experience in acupuncture for stop smoking treatment. Under the supervision of Dr. Tsan, this treatment performed by licensed acupuncturists and in the majority of times this treatment is combined with hypnosis for stop smoking as well as the use of homeopathic remedies that significantly decrease nicotine craving by infusing micro dosages of tobacco in the blood stream of patients.