Alcohol implant aka Antabuse implant at Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol abuse is fast becoming a rampant problem among Americans. Perhaps this could be as a result of the increasing prevalence of depression and other mental and psychological issues. It could also be as a result of social influence such as problems with family members, jobs, or just the pressures of life. problems as a result of alcohol abuse can be very devastating. From antisocial behaviors like domestic violence, drug addiction, and development of dysfunctional families to serious health issues like liver failure, cardiovascular issues and a host of others. Alcohol treatment centers are being developed around the world to address the issue of alcohol addiction. Over here at the Philadelphia addiction center, we deal with many cases of alcohol abuse. We are going to address some components of alcohol addiction and how our “Alcohol Implant” helps you solve your addiction problems.

Alcohol Implant


Major components of addiction:

Many substances are abused in our society today. Abuse arises from the misuse of substances. It could range from using legal drugs and food substances illegally (for example, using prescription painkillers for recreational purposes), to overindulgence in potentially dangerous food substances like alcohol or heroin for instance. We do not need to give you statistics on accidents, antisocial and health consequences of alcohol abuse, because we know most of us have been exposed to the potentially devastating effects of alcohol abuse. A good question is how do people get addicted to a particular substance? The first component of addiction is that there is usually something which the potential addict wants to escape from. It could be emotional or physical pain, stress, depression and so on. This could be as a result of the side effect of the drug they are addicted to, or pre-existing problems. The second component is there is a kind of pleasure the substance they are addicted to like alcohol gives them. Medically, this is called euphoria. Addicts usually look forward to that happy moment. The next component is tolerance where addicts become less satisfied with the normal amount of alcohol they take. This makes them take more and more quantities of al犀利士
cohol. The final component of addiction we want to talk about is dependence. This is the craving. This is what makes it impossible for them to stop. Their bodies crave alcohol, they want to feel that pleasure which alcohol or any other substance they are addicted to gives them. At the Philadelphia addiction center, we have holistic methods of dealing with alcohol addiction which deals with both the psychological and physical cravings of alcohol. However, for this article, we would focus more on an implant that helps you deal with your alcohol cravings

How Esperal implants can help you overcome alcohol addiction:

When we were talking about addiction, we mentioned something about euphoria. People cannot do without alcohol because they derive a lot of pleasure in it. Since they say love releases chemicals in the brain like dopamine which are almost the same chemicals seen in addicts when they take the substances they are addicted to, let’s give you a scenario of love gone sour. Let’s say you meet a woman or man you love. You suddenly find out you cannot do without them because you feel happy anytime you are with them. They are fun, sexy, lively and everything good to you. So, you decide to get married and everything was fun until your partner cheated. Now you just despise her/him and you feel so much contempt. This goes on for a while until you cannot bear it anymore. So, you file for divorce and both of you move on. This is the same scenario Esperal implants give you with alcohol. Esperal implants make you “divorce” alcohol almost literally. So, how does this work?

Ever heard of the disulfiram-ethanol reaction, this is by no means a pleasant experience. It includes flushing, sweating, nausea, thirst, blurred vision, headache, vomiting and a mega package of a whole lot of rather unpleasant experiences. It is not lethal in most cases (only in extreme cases). However, it is extremely unpleasant. The more the alcohol in your system, the more unpleasant you feel. The Esperal implant is an Antabuse implant that contains disulfiram as the active drug. With Esperal implants, you get to despise alcohol to the extent it becomes easier to stay sober. We do not want you to have unpleasant feelings when we are given the implant so, you have to be sober for three weeks to get all the alcohol out of your system. Hypnotherapy and homeopathy can help you with that. At Philadelphia addiction center, we combine Esperal implants with other holistic medical techniques like hypnosis and homeopathy to give a more complete treatment because Esperal implants only deal with the psychological aspect of dependence on alcohol.

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