Hypnosis for Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Hypnosis for Gambling Addiction is one of the most effective approaches to fighting this mental condition. Gambling can become an addiction when it turns so compulsive for an individual to engage in it repeatedly with little or no control. When left unchecked and allowed over an extended period of time, it can ruin a life and leaves the person miserable.

Hypnosis for gambling addictionWhether in the form of sports betting, gambling on online sites or an actual visit to casinos, gambling addiction can set in through various avenues. This impulsive behavioral disorder starts a mild unharmful activity which later becomes more regular and then becomes as though survival depends on gambling.

Irrespective of how bad this addiction is, Hypnotherapy is a way out of the dangerous slope into a more healthy and responsible lifestyle where one takes back control. Many addicts do not agree that their situation is bad and this makes reaching out for help difficult and almost impossible. Here are a few signs of gambling addiction

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Identifying gambling addiction is the first step in hypnotherapy and when this is done, treatment becomes efficient and easier.

Here are a few pointers to gambling addiction;

  • A Strong urge to gamble at every given opportunity
  • A desire to bet the more even after suffering a loss and go on to sell valuables to bet
  • Shying away from responsibility such as avoiding payment of essential bills with the intent of gambling with every available cash
  • Loss of interest in participating in other activities
  • Lost in thoughts of gambling
  • A high feeling when putting a large amount of money at stake
  • A low feeling and suicidal thoughts when unable to gamble.

As addiction linger, the greater the dangerous tendencies it subjects its victims to and this calls for a quick remedy in the form of hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis for Gambling Addiction

Hypnotherapy remains a popular option among treatments available for gambling addiction. Gamble does treat not only addiction but also addresses the underlying cause that feasted on gambling. The root could be stress, trauma, depression and low self-esteem which must be decisively dealt with for treatment of gambling addiction to be efficient and lasting.

Hypnosis for Gambling Addiction involves subjecting the patient to a deep state of relaxation in which the subconscious mind is accessed. This access to the mind helps to explore some behavioral patterns in the addict’s mind, and these patterns are broken through the power of suggestion. The addict’s thought process related to addiction is altered and will learn new emotion management skills that become a lifestyle even after the treatment sessions are over.

How Effective is Hypnosis for Gambling addiction?

Hypnosis for gambling addiction is an effective therapy. It makes addict gain control over the temptations that triggers engaging in a gambling spree. Most gamblers don’t necessarily gamble to win about but seek an ‘escape’ from current realities around them. The treatment helps sufferers to face and cope with the different situation faced. Treatments may not entirely stop the occasional craving to bet but help to make the urge less compulsive and controlling.

Hypnosis for gambling addiction builds self-esteem and confidence in patients, there addressing the cause of addiction. It also manages stress and anxiety, building a stronger mind to face challenges that come. In general, a healthier thinking lifestyle is developed and makes treatment sustainable.

Gambling Lapse and Relapse

To make the treatment of addiction sustainable, the therapy involves equipping patients with coping strategy to always resist urge and cravings. This involves being equipped with the necessary knowledge to overcome likely factors that can cause lapse and relapse. This knowledge makes a relapse not likely to occur but a healthy lifestyle and mastery of such. Treatment helps patients gain back self

Professional Help for Gambling Addiction

Here are a few steps, techniques and actions that can be practiced that will go a long way in overcoming gambling addiction

  • Find a comfortable location free of distractions, relax, talk to yourself and try to convince yourself to quit gambling.
  • While doing this, you can engage in breathing exercise simultaneously.
  • Be positive to be free from gambling addiction as this will make treatment effective. When there is a will, there is a way.
  • Replace gambling activities with other positives activities that will fill the vacuum created by the doing away with gambling.
  • Embrace your new self, leaving the past behind you. Free your mind and be happy.

If self-hypnosis is not enough you need to find a professional who has experience in treating gambling addiction.

At the Philadelphia Addiction Center, Victor Tsan, MD practice hypnotherapy as an effective approach to the treatment of this chronic and aggressive mental condition.

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