Acupuncture for Addictions

Clinical studies proved the role of acupuncture.

Clinical researchers are presently proceeding to conclude the role and effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in general and acupuncture particularly in the cure of different forms of addictions including addiction to pharmaceutical painkillers, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine and also gambling and sex. Whereas there are few of unresolved interrogations about the fundamental mechanisms of this treatment technique, much more proofs are present to advise that TCM takes a very significant part in decreasing emphasizing effects of addiction substances. The goal of this blog is to judgmentally analyze this information.

Mechanism of acupuncture in addiction treatment

The neurochemical and developmental facts indicated that by tempering mesolimbic dopamine neurons acupuncture can overpower the emphasizing strength of substance that causes addiction. At the same time, it was clinically proved that traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture influences and balances the concentration in a blood stream of a few important neurotransmitters (serotonin, GABA, opioid, amino acids). These outcomes delivered strong indications for the clinical and neurobiological effects of acupuncture role in addiction treatment. These evidence, in the long run, will help scientists to comprehend how exactly the ancient needle treatment works and what is the healing mechanism of acupuncture for addiction treatment. Supplementary explorations with laboratory animal models are of principal significance to understanding the straightforward mechanism essential for acupuncture‘s helpfulness and value in the healing of addicts.

Acupuncture Points

Acupuncture is the # 1 popular and recognizable holistic medicine treatment. It has a history of almost 5000 years and been developed in the South-Eastern Asia. While presented comparatively recently, this technique has expanded its reputation and superior recognition as an alternative medicine healing method in Europe and America.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a body system is recognized to be a multipart set-up of complicatedly associated developments described as divergent powers or energies (Yin and Yang). The combination of both Yin and Yang is also known as ‘Qi’. Wellbeing is recognized as the preservation of equilibrium and synchronization amid Yin and Yang, whereas a disease is a manifestation of destabilization and conflict concerning these two components, which flow between the different internal parts of the body system alongside theorized channels are also known as meridians. There are 6 Yin and 6 Yang main meridians and more than 10 additional that connect main meridians. There are more than 800 acupoints situated on the ‘meridians’ that typically used for treatment by maintaining and matching ‘Qi’ energy. Acupuncture handles and equalizes ‘Qi’ energy bringing the human body internal system to the state of wellness. This ability of TCM to influence on internal body energy makes it a key healing modality in medical practice in general and in narcology in particular. Acupuncture implicates the stimulation of definite and very precise points on the body, typically by the insertion of special usually stainless needles. Sometimes however the same acupoints are stimulated with electric devices, lasers, or special herbal cigars (moxa). Nowadays, when this old Asian technique becomes more and more popular in the world, the fact that this method is leading to nicotine addiction became a proven fact. With other addictions, however, pharmaceutical companies are not ready to yield their leadership and they “control” media to prevent giving to acupuncture a major role in the addiction treatment.

Acupuncture – signature service at Philadelphia Addiction Center

At the Philadelphia Addiction Center acupuncture is the signature service and is a part of each treatment program. We use acupuncture along with Disulphiram implants for alcoholics, as well as end to end with Suboxone for drug addicts, and in combination with hypnosis for gambling addicted patients. Every time this treatment method is used it plays an important role in the mechanism of the healing process. At the Philadelphia Addiction Center acupuncture treatment performed by licensed specialists under the supervision of the internationally recognized expert in alternative medicine, medical doctor Victor Tsan.