Esperal Implant for Alcoholism: Near 100% Success Rate

Implant for alcoholism (Esperal)

Implant for alcoholism, known as Esperal, is the newest and most popular approach to implant therapy for alcoholismWhen it comes to addiction, there are various ways in which the problem is dealt with. One of the best and most successful approaches to disulfiram treatment is using an Esperal implant for alcoholism. Many clinical trials show this implant’s usefulness because it creates a routine for the patient in which alcohol causes severe “discomforts.”

It is well-known how devastating alcohol abuse is. It causes physical and psychological damage that interferes with the healthy development of daily tasks. Numerous medications are available, including Naltrexone Implant for Alcohol Addiction, that “guarantee” beneficial results, but the most efficient product on the market is still Esperal Implant Therapy for Alcoholism. 

Esperal Satelite

The first mention of the implant for alcoholism goes back to the 1800s when it was used to obtain rubber. Until 1937, it was not used for alcohol addiction because the properties of the ingredients were not fully discovered. From that year until nowadays, the therapeutic properties of the Esperal Implant for alcoholism and its components were placed under the magnifying glass. Moreover, several studies revealed that alcoholism and its symptoms could be reduced using this medication. Disulfiram treatment for alcohol abuse is widely used in the United States and worldwide. While Antabuse is the brand, generic versions of this medicine, known as Disulfiram, are also available.

Disulfiram Implant for Alcoholism: Fake and Authentic

esperal Implant for alcoholismIf you see an advertisement for Esperal with this picture, it is fake. Unfortunately, nowadays,  many medical centers in Europe, especially Poland, Russia, and Ukraine, fake market implants for alcoholism and call them Esperal, Esperal tablets, and surgical implantation procedures. Don’t fall for con artists’ tricks by becoming an educated consumer. Check out this picture and consider the following: Online drugstore.

  1. Esperal is made in France only. It is not a product of the USA.
  2. “Without prescription” is not the correct label. You can’t buy Esperal without a prescription. You can only get it implanted in a few narcological offices certified by Esperal Corporation.
  3. The very bottom of the package reads, “Distributed by Healthwise Medical, LTD.” Google it, and you’ll be surprised that there is no company with this name in the USA.
  4. Also, read at the bottom of the package: “Farmington CN 003458.” There is no town of Farmington in the CN state, as there is no CN state in the USA. And by the way, zip codes in the USA consist of 5 digits, not 6.

To shorten a long story, be careful and do your homework before paying for your treatment.

How the Implant for Alcoholism Works

First of all, Esperal’s main ingredient, disulfiram, is known for its ability to initiate the so-called disulfiram-ethanol reaction (DER) in the body when alcohol is ingested. DER happens because certain enzymes are blocked and cause unpleasant symptoms. The approach of the use of the disulfiram implant for alcohol abuse has a long history.

Disulfiram aka Antabuse

An addiction started in the rubber industry at the beginning of the previous century. Remember that this is not a regular discomfort and cruelly impacts the body. In the USA, disulfiram is available as an oral pill; only it can determine if a patient should stop taking the drug to prevent negative experiences. Addiction is one of the most recommended methods in the narcology clinic. The only problem with the oral form of disulfiram for alcohol abuse is that the addict can decide not to take a pill and consume alcohol. Hence, the necessity to infuse the disulfiram device into the muscles is the main reason why the implant was developed.

History of Implant for Alcoholism (Alcohol Implant)

The first implant for alcoholism was developed and successfully used in Russia in the 1970s under the name TORPEDO, which in Russian means submarine. It contained a reservoir with liquid antabuse, the drug that initiates symptoms similar to disulfiram. However, Antabuse had a lot of side effects. The Latvian implant ENCODE, which contained liquid disulfiram and ensured a constant concentration of disulfiram in the bloodstream, eventually replaced it and became illegal. When alcohol reaches some predetermined level, the reaction starts.


Disulfiram has some negative effects on the human body, so doctors and pharmacologists have criticized and disapproved of its continuous presence in the bloodstream. And that’s when the Esperal Implant for Alcoholism hit the market with the microchip that contains dry powder of disulfiram. The drug has no contact with the body and organs unless the microchip registers the increase in alcohol level in the bloodstream and releases a microdose of the active element. That’s why this French-made implant is #1 on the market, recognized as practically harmless, and recommended for use in Addiction Treatment.

More official information about disulfiram implantation is available at the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

Alcohol Implant

The implant for alcoholism assures both the therapist and the patient that the medication stays in place. So, the patient is encouraged to quit drinking alcohol by regularly experiencing “unpleasant” outcomes when alcohol is consumed. Those who agree to Esperal implantation understand all possible outcomes of alcohol consumption while the device is active.

An Esperal implant for alcoholism is a microchip that contains a small reservoir with a dry, highly concentrated powder of disulfiram. This microchip has a serial number and must be registered in the universal database to be activated. Each chip may be turned on and off from the practitioner’s computer in seconds.

Every hour, the microchip checks the alcohol level in the individual’s bloodstream. As long as the concentration of alcohol is within normal limits, Esperal does not perform any activities. When the alcohol level goes above the boundaries, the microchip opens the dosator in the disulfiram container. It infuses into the bloodstream a single crystal of disulfiram that causes “unpleasant sensations.” After approximately five years, the microchip dissolves by itself.

The allowed limit of alcohol assumes all medical and prescription pharmaceutical drugs, one bottle of non-alcoholic beer every 8 hours, any food that contains cooking wine, etc.

Symptoms caused by Esperal implant for alcoholism 

The experience of Esperal’s effect is so vivid and intense that 99% of our patients feel comfortable without alcohol. During more than ten years of our practice, we had just a few patients who decided to try the effectiveness of this implant.  This subcutaneous method of inserting the esophagus was first approached in 1968. Studies have proved that this method is more successful and gives the patient more chances for recovery. The mind is encouraged to establish a connection between alcohol and the severe symptoms experienced after drinking it. Hence, after some time, the patient will acknowledge that Esperal is not a beneficial experience for the body.

An Esperal implant for alcoholism creates oversensitivity to alcohol-related painful symptoms. Among those, we can mention vomiting, excruciating headaches, vertigo, shortness of breath, palpitation, fear of death, involuntary urination, etc. Moreover, patients are still 100% conscious and able to experience and analyze all the symptoms during those episodes.  These symptoms develop rapidly in no more than 10–20 minutes or even faster after drinking. That means that the individual is still “sober” and understands everything.

Example of DER

The person in the video below is Dr. Tsan’s patient, who underwent the best treatment for alcohol addiction, including the implantation of Esperal. After 19 months of being clear-headed and having no urges for alcohol consumption as a result of implant therapy for alcoholism, he decided to perform an experiment and test if the chip worked. This was only one case in our clinic when the Esperal was executed. Our patient officially approved posting this footage on the website.

Alcohol Implant Treatment

Always remember that Esperal or any other disulfiram treatment for alcohol abuse techniques is not a cure, and it is much more efficient when linked to several different treatment options. That’s why at Philadelphia Addiction Center, we perform the Esperal implantation at the end of the treatment when the patient’s bloodstream is free from alcohol. Otherwise, the effect of disulfiram may be activated right during the implantation. Not only is Philadelphia Addiction Center the only clinic on the East Coast of the USA where you can get the implantation of Esperal, but this is also one of a few clinics in the world where the price of Esperal and its implantation is only $1800 for a standard model and $2000 for the premium. The difference between the two models is that the standard contains Disulfiram, which makes you feel sick if you drink, and the premium includes the same Disulfiram and Naltrexone that kill your urges to drink. Yes, believe your eyes. At Philadelphia Addiction Center, we charge for one session of acupuncture, one session of hypnotherapy, the device itself, and the implantation of Esperal for only $1800, which is approximately five times cheaper than the average price in the US and worldwide. To get Esperal embedded, a patient must be sober for 12–14 days; otherwise, the DER will start right after microchip activation. If a patient cannot stay sober for that period, we perform multiple acupuncture and hypnotherapy procedures for an additional fee. The complete treatment usually consists of one session, including ear acupuncture (NADA protocol) and hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction. The implantation of the Esperal usually takes place during the visit, right at the end of the hypnotic session.

In other words, a patient must attend acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments, during which we will perform a complete body detox (NADA) and addiction reset techniques. The addiction reset method is a hypnotherapeutic procedure during which Dr. Tsan resets the bio-electrical activity of the addiction center patient’s brain, forcing an individual to be indifferent to alcohol.

Disulfiram and naltrexone implants are not FDA-approved.

The American Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved disulfiram and naltrexone implants. However, they have approved naltrexone tablets and intramuscular injectable versions to treat opioid dependence and AUD. Disulfiram’s oral and intramuscular use is also FDA-approved. The extended-release injectable form of naltrexone is marketed as Vivitrol, while the oral form is sold as Depade and ReVia.

Naltrexone and disulfiram implants are beneficial in treating opiate addiction and alcohol use disorder in many clinical investigations. More study is necessary to support the results of this strategy. Implantable disulfiram and naltrexone therapy can potentially be potent new weapons in the fight against alcoholism and the opioid crisis.

To speak with an addiction treatment expert, contact us immediately or fill out the simple contact form on our Contact Us page if you need assistance with a loved one’s addiction.

We’re here to help you regain your confidence and move toward the future you want if you need assistance with a substance use disorder. Adults with alcohol, opioid, and other substance use disorders can receive therapy from us.

Learn to separate Esperal Implant for Alcoholism facts from fiction!

The certified practitioner uses a sterile applicator, which injects the implant into your brachial or gluteus muscles. The process takes only a few seconds, and you will not react more than you would to a vaccination.


All medical professionals recognize disulfiram and anti-alcohol implants.


The first group of opponents of this treatment method mentions the low morale of the approach. The counter-argument to this objection is as follows: “Esperal addresses itself to people who have made an independent and informed decision regarding this type of processing. Compulsory treatment with a disulfiram implant for alcoholism does not occur and is impossible.” Other opponents of disulfiram treatment using implants for alcoholism think such therapy is ineffective. The widespread use of drugs suggests otherwise. They cause an aversion to alcohol, which allows the patient to change his habits. Fear of consequences leads to motivation and a strong desire to change. Of course, there are several ways to increase the effectiveness of Esperal and the sustainability of the results: to learn the mechanisms of the development of alcoholism, to develop coping strategies, to attend psychotherapy sessions, and the like. Since some patients do not feel wholly and aesthetically safe taking the drug in implant form, using Esperal in tablet form is even more common.


An Esperal implant for alcoholism is a medicine that suppresses alcohol cravings.


It’s not true. Esperal, the active ingredient in disulfiram, cannot reduce the craving for alcohol. The doctor applies this drug in aversion therapy, that is, to cause negative associations with alcohol after its use. The release of the enzyme during the digestion of alcohol by the medication immediately results in a severe hangover. The increase of toxic acetaldehyde in the bloodstream and liver harm the human body because it is incapable of absorbing and eliminating the waste products of alcohol and its metabolites. The base model of Esperal does not suppress the craving for alcohol but helps to gain additional motivation to fight alcoholism. However, the newest model of Esperal contains a three-month supply of Naltrexone, which kills or significantly reduces the urge to drink.


All alcohol addicts can use disulfiram.


The physician will decide on the patient’s suitability for disulfiram. Other approaches may be given to pregnant females, youths, patients under the influence of alcohol, or those who have not held a required 14-day alcohol-free regimen before the implantation, as well as individuals with chronic medical conditions such as polyneuritis, neuritis of the optic nerve, mental illnesses, cardiovascular diseases, and vascular ailments. It would be best if you went through an alcohol detoxification program before getting disulfiram. However, when Disulfiram is used as an Esperal implant, only 14 days of sobriety are a mandatory requirement.


Having a microchip implanted will hurt me.


All the facts mentioned are actual. A medical professional who has received certification from the Esperal company performs the procedure and administers local anesthesia to the patient in about 30 seconds. Thanks to this, the patient is constantly aware of all activities and interventions in his body but does not feel pain. A medical consultation ensures the safety of the procedure before starting it. The doctor diagnoses contraindications and individually selects the drug dose for the patient, who should be honest with his doctor because the wrong drug dose may be too dangerous or ineffective. By hiding the presence of contraindications, e.g., certain chronic diseases, you can expose yourself to irreversible damage to health and exacerbate existing problems.
Procedure: The doctor uses a specially designed Esperal implant high-pressure syringe that uses air power to push the micro-implant through the skin, usually in the shoulder area. During the implantation, a patient may experience some pressure but no pain. The procedure is harmless for 99.9% of patients. However, the patient must be informed about any reaction by a medical practitioner who will fix the situation.

No anesthetic is required for the insertion of the implant for alcoholism. The procedure is performed at your narcologist’s office and is straightforward and similar to administering a vaccine or a routine shot. The chip comes preloaded in a small ampoule.


Esperal implants for alcoholism work like global positioning devices (GPS) and tell my physician my location.


An Esperal implant for alcoholism is not a tracking device. A radio-frequency identification (RFID) implant provides a permanent ID for you. Because Esperal-Implant uses RFID technology, microchips do not require a power source like a GPS. When a microchip is embedded in your muscles, it gets enough power from bioelectricity to respond to the signal from the cloud server and activate the internal Disulfiram container. Since there’s no battery or moving parts, there is nothing to keep charged, wear out, or replace. The microchip will last three to five years, depending on your body structure, muscle system condition, weight, etc.


The disulfiram ethanol reaction DER is not dangerous to health.


A person who knowingly violates alcohol abstinence while on treatment with disulfiram will experience a disulfiram reaction. The components in the Esperal implant that affect the assimilation of alcohol pose a real physical health risk if they go through the bloodstream regularly (permanently in the case of prescribed disulfiram). The level of risk depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and the dose of the drug your doctor prescribes. Reactions with alcohol lead to acetaldehyde poisoning. This can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, palpitations, high blood pressure, general hypersensitivity to sound and light, general weakness, increased sweating, headaches, muscle pain, abdominal pain, or muscle tremors. This condition can last several hours, leading to additional anxiety and depression. Consumption of alcohol can permanently damage internal organs, cause heart attacks, and even cause death. However, if abstinence is observed, the effect of the drug or implant will be neutral; it will not affect the way the body works.

The good thing about Esperal is that in the implant, disulfiram is isolated in a container and is infused into the bloodstream only if the level of alcohol increases above predetermined boundaries. That means that if the Esperal recipient doesn’t drink, no disulfiram circulates in the body.


You can’t use any alcohol-containing products if implanted with Esperal.


The disulfiram ethanol reaction always occurs regardless of whether the person has consumed a small or large amount of alcohol; several minutes after the intake of alcohol, an individual experiences the horrible outcomes of the decision to drink. However, it should be noted that consuming alcoholic beverages and rinsing the mouth with oral hygiene fluid will not cause a reaction with the same intensity of symptoms. In the latter case, the body’s response will not occur or be significantly weaker if perceived. Therefore, it is necessary to read the labels of application products and get acquainted with their ingredients. Meals with vinegar, cakes with the addition of alcohol, some medications such as cough syrup and some antibiotics, alcoholic cosmetics such as antiperspirants, and shaving foam, however, will not cause discomfort.


Microchips are expensive.


The cost of an installed Esperal implant for alcoholism is $1500.00 for a base model (Disulfiram only) and $1700.00 for the premium that contains a combination of Disulfiram and Naltrexone if no additional medical procedures are required. For example, at the time of installation, the level of alcohol in your blood should be minimized virtually to zero. It takes approximately two to three weeks of complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages. Some patients need help to stay sober, and in this case, additional medical procedures (acupuncture, hypnotherapy, detoxification) will be provided for an extra charge before the implantation day.

Suppose no additional treatments are required before the implantation day. In that case, the visit includes a complimentary acupuncture session using the NADA protocol (40 minutes to 1 hour) and a complimentary hypnotherapy session (90 minutes) for no additional charge.


My contact information is on the chip; anyone with a scanner can access it.


Microchips carry only a unique identification number. The database that contains information about you is located on a secure server, and no one except your narcologist can use it.

It is vital to update your contact details so you can be reached in case of a medical emergency.


I can have Esperal implanted at my primary care practitioner’s office.


Only a qualified, experienced medical team using cutting-edge equipment, a proper, professional medical practitioner, and a facility that treats patients with respect and dignity while ensuring their safety, comfort, and complete anonymity can guarantee the effectiveness and safety of implantation. Only Esperal-certified practitioners can perform the implantation. To get certified, a medical doctor must take a 120-day class at the Esperal Corporation Facility in Leon, France. Ensure the physician performing the implantation displays the certificate for your review.

The popularity of Esperal implant for alcoholism

 In order to perform Esperal implantation, medical practitioner must be certified by the corporation for use of Esperal Implant  Esperal Certification









The Esperal implant for alcoholism is widely used in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe. However, this valuable and helpful instrument is available in the USA on the West Coast and at the Philadelphia Addiction Center on the East. Make an appointment for an initial FREE consultation with Doctor Tsan, and you will receive all the information needed regarding the implant and other treatment options. Dr. Tsan will personally guide you through the entire process. Clinical studies proved that the success rate of recovering from alcoholism is significantly higher when an Esperal implant for alcoholism is inserted.

Esperal : Implantation procedure.

Esperal Implant for Alcohol Addiction.

For more information about the Esperal Implant and the company that developed and manufactured the device, visit their site.


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Esperal Implant is the newest and most popular approach for Implant Therapy for Alcoholism. When it comes to Addiction, there are various manners in which the problem is dealt with. One of the best and successful approaches to Disulfiram Treatment is that of using an Esperal Implant for Alcoholism. Many clinical trials show how useful this implant is because it creates a routine for the patient in which alcohol causes severe “discomforts” and thus becomes Implant for Alcohol Addiction.

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