Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnosis

Quit smoking hypnosis becomes more and more popular nowadays. It’s no wonder so many people want to quit smoking. A 2019 research review showed it to be the leading cause of preventable disease and death worldwide.
Quitting smoking can improve your health, but for many people quitting smoking is a huge challenge. There are many methods and products to quit smoking. The one that gets a fair amount of attention is hypnosis.
Some people think quitting smoking hypnosis helped them get rid of this form of addiction. Studies have shown conflicting results and it is clear that more research is needed. The question is not “does quitting smoking hypnosis work?” The question is if quit smoking hypnosis is enough or does it have to be combined with other techniques?”.

acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation
It is likely that hypnosis for stopping smoking when combined with other smoking cessation programs can help many people to be free from dependence on nicotine.

Does Hypnosis to Quit Smoking Works?

Hypnosis to quit smoking is the most popular treatment program available for tobacco smokers. Quitting smoking habit can be a real tough job for those who have had this habit for many years. However quitting smoking is one of the great things you can do for yourself, for your health, and for your future. Everyone knows that smoking is a dangerous thing and sometimes a deadly habit. Smoking can cause lung cancer, mouth cancer, breathing problems, and many other negative effects. Smoking increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, cataracts, and bone fractures.

Hypnosis for Stop Smoking - PhiladelphiaIf the nicotine lozenges, counseling, chewing gum, patches, and other medical-quitting tools haven’t helped you in kicking out this deadly habit, don’t give up. You can ask doctor Tsan if hypnosis to stop smoking is a good option for you. Research has indicated that hypnosis for stop smoking is highly effective and helped countless people in quitting smoking.

Basically, hypnosis for quit smoking refers to a modified state of consciousness in which the patient goes through a state of trance. Nowadays, hypnosis is recommended for a multitude of physiological and physical problems. It is said to be the most effective in dealing with chronic pains, speech disorders, weight problems, or various addiction problems.

How does the Hypnosis for Quit Smoking Works?

Basically, hypnosis to stop smoking refers to a modified state of consciousness in which the patient goes through a state of trance. Nowadays, hypnosis is recommended for a multitude of physiological and physical problems. It is said to be the most effective in dealing with chronic pains, speech disorders, weight problems, or various addiction problems.

There is a major debate about how hypnosis for quitting smoking works. Many doctors, psychotherapists, and psychologists believe that when a person is hypnotized, he can concentrate and relax more and becomes more willing to get the suggestions of giving up smoking

Even though the smoke-addicted person appears to be in a state of trance during the process of hypnosis for stopping smoking, still the individual is not fully unconscious. Completely opposite, this patient is fully aware of the surroundings and he can’t be made to do things against his will. In fact, the tests conducted on the brain of the patient during the hypnosis for the stop smoking process have shown neurological activities at a very high level.


Hence, the core principle of the hypnosis for stop smoking treatment is to spot and analyze bad thoughts. The goal is to bring them into the spotlight and replace them with optimistic thoughts. It was proved that people opt for smoking when they face difficulties. This signifies that they feel like smoking provides that sort of comfort they lack. The patient is encouraged to analyze his behavior and to find an explanation for the addiction. The hypnotherapist will focus on making the patient understand three basic principles that need to be followed when it comes to quitting. First of all, the patient`s subconscious will be influenced by the thought that strongly suggests that smoking represents a poison for the human body. Furthermore, the subconscious will be triggered by a signal that will reaffirm the fact that the body is necessary in order to live, which means that smoking can interrupt this course. The patient will be encouraged to protect his body and to redesign his life as he would prefer it to be.

Unpleasant Associations During Hypnosis.

During the sessions of hypnosis for stopping smoking, the smoke-addicted person is usually asked to think about unpleasant outcomes. For example, the hypnotherapist can suggest that the smoke of cigarettes smells like the exhaust of a truck or that the mouth of the patient will be affected by deadly diseases.

Usually, the techniques of quit smoking hypnosis focus on 3 major ideas.

  1. Smoking is a poison for your body
  2. Your body has the right to survive.
  3. Your body deserves some respect and you should protect it.

The hypnotherapists also give the training of self-hypnosis for stop smoking to the smoker and ask him/her to repeat these things when there is a desire to smoke.

Positive Associations During Hypnosis Treatment.

In the sessions of quit smoking hypnosis, the hypnotherapists tell about the following positive things which can occur due to quitting smoking:

  1. By quitting smoking, you can increase your life by 10 more years.
  2. Quitting smoking will lower the level of carbon monoxide in your blood and it will allow your muscles and lungs to work more effectively and quickly.
  3. Your brain will get more oxygen which will help you in feeling fresher, more alert, more energized, and more awake.
  4. By staying away from smoking, the immune system of your body will be boosted and the chances of picking up illness will be decreased.
  5. By quitting smoking, the lung capacity will be boosted by 10 percent, which will enable you to perform routine tasks easily. For example, you will climb the stairs without getting out of breath.
  6. You will witness less stress, fewer tensions, and your skin will look younger.

As a result of these negative and positive suggestions, the patient’s subconscious mind gets a negative reaction to any thoughts about nicotine consumption.

The hypnosis for quit smoking treatment converts a wish to quit smoking into a patient’s final decision, a goal, a target.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis at Philadelphia Addiction Center.

Now, you may wonder whether or not quit smoking hypnosis is effective. Quit smoking hypnosis provided various results in researchers, which led to the belief that each individual reacts differently when it comes to the suggestion that smoking is a bad habit. But most studies strongly suggest that hypnotherapy is actually one of the most effective methods of quitting smoking. Anyway, this method of therapy needs to be approached constantly and in time the results will turn out to be more than amazing.

So, if you are considering opting for hypnosis in order to deal with your nicotine addiction you should know the following. You have to understand one very important thing. Only physicians or specially-trained psychologists may perform hypnotherapy for treatment purposes. All so-called “certified” hypnotherapists that have computer backgrounds or church backgrounds can’t provide treatment either by law or by their professional ability. Only medical doctors treat people and this is very important. There is a huge number of fake “therapists” that can`t help you in dealing with this habit. Leave it to professional

At Philadelphia Addiction Center, Doctor Tsan successfully applies different alternative modalities incorporated in one treatment program Anti-Tobacco. This program was developed by Doctor Tsan in the 90s of the 20th century and is still considered the most effective official smoking cessation program.

Smoking cessation program – Anti-Tobacco.

The program consists of three major components: ear acupuncture (NADA protocol) for detoxification, consumption of homeopathic microdoses of Indian tobacco Lobelia, and hypnosis that fight the habit of smoking and changes the behavior pattern in the patient’s subconscious mind.

If you decided that this is the right time for you to quit smoking don’t look farther – you are in the right place. Philadelphia Addiction Center – the division of Philadelphia Holistic Clinic will deliver the best available anti-tobacco program and help you to reach your goal.

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