Sex Addiction – Hypnosis Treatment

Hypnosis for Treatment of Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction nowadays is as common as other forms of dependency. Hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient treatment approaches. Hypnosis is the art of temporally suspending the conscious layer of the mind to access the subconscious layer of the brain so as to alter preconceived beliefs and absorb new attitudes, views, and values. It is not an extraordinary experience, but as real as daily events we engage in such as daydreaming, fantasizing or listening to music.

Everyone can be engaged in hypnosis for as long as a person allows it. The will to agree with a particular notion and begin to imagine it over time will produce hypnotic tendencies and result. The critical factor is the openness and willingness of the individual that will make hypnosis effective to bring about visible change.

Hypnosis is not a total disconnection from the subconscious mind but a psychological link between the subconscious and the conscious mind. Hypnotic trance is a directed daydream with a particular goal that cuts you off temporarily from your immediate environment and engrossed in another reality.

Hypnosis helps to relax from tensions stress and anxiety which triggers and lead to a cycle of escapism. Escapism is the practice of keeping multiple partners. This cycle ends with a temporary release followed by a feeling of guilt and later a sense of little worth which in turn leads to a repeat of the cycle.

Hypnotic trance becomes the opening that allows an individual to accept new and positive ideas and values, free from distractions that come in the form of excuses, thoughts, and rationalization.

Lack of Self-Security Leads to Sex Addiction

According to a psychoanalyst, an infant is afforded a holding environment through the mother by providing an emotional support and bond that brings about great stability in the child who eventually evolves to become a mature person. sex addiction the secret obsessionOn the contrary, for a child who is deprived of this holding environment while growing up tends to insecure with a feeling of anxiety and emotionally starved.

This depravity can lead to a search for a quick gratification which sexual intimacy may seem to provide but with its consequences. In a bid to create that holding environment, on a regular basis, and get rid of uncomfortable feelings, a cycle of addiction sets.                                                               

In a real life sex addiction may manifest in a variety of symptoms, comprising the following categories:

  • Excessive Masturbation or fantasy.
  • Nudism and necessity to observe nude people of different genders.
  • A heightened desire for sexual activities.
  • Aggressive, brutal and/or masochistic performance.
  • Exhibition and Ghoulishness.
  • Other forms of unordinary sexual activities.

How Hypnosis Can Help Recover from Sex Addiction

Hypnosis helps in changing Thoughts and impulses which eventually change person’s behavior. Hypnosis can alter cognitive functions that are habitual and introduce a new experience that will form new values and attitudes. Toxic sexual tendencies will be replaced by wearing out the strong influence of negative beliefs and values which have formed a strong foundation on which addiction to sex is built on.  Through the help of trance induction, the neurological wiring is being reprogrammed in the subconscious mind. This induction deals with childhood experiences taming negative impulses that result into the sexual addiction. Hypnosis reprograms the neurology to cope with unpleasant memories that trigger excessive sexual impulses.

Hypnotic Techniques for Sex Addiction

Hypnotic techniques are goal-oriented activities that are effective in the treatment of sex addiction. These techniques involve ego-enhancing and value experience that enable an individual to be held constructively in a more healthy way than through sex. Messages of self-worth and value are passed into the deep and subconscious level to bring about a radical change.

A genuine self of the client is shown to him/her in other to cope with self rather than seeking for external support. Hypnosis helps in overcoming sexual obsession and makes suffers more receptive to treatment by dealing with desires that cause relapse

How Hypnosis Enriches Sexuality

  • Cognitive control – A client cognitive control is enhanced and will not be controlled be negative impulses.
  • Relaxation– It brings relief and relaxation from anxiety and stress
  • Consciousness– Negative past about sex that comes to memory becomes evident and recognized.
  • Positivity– Positive images are now used to grow positive sex
  • Natural physiology– Physiological processes are allowed to function naturally and normally.
  • New self-control– new skills are developed to control thoughts, emotion, and body.

Benefits of Hypnosis for Sex Addiction

Healthy sex promotes positive attitudes by changing the negatives. It promotes good communication among partners and also helps patient gain focus and stability. Hypnosis, when combined with sex therapy, can improve and make sexual experience healthy and enjoyable. A recovering addict gets to experience a mutual bond with a partner with the actual filling that they care for each other.

Hypnosis for Sex Addiction in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Addiction Center led by the internationally recognized holistic practitioner and hypnotist Victor Tsan, MD is the best place for hypnotherapy treatment of sex addiction. Because of the level of his expertise, Doctor Tsan is able to dig right into the core of the problem and discover the chain of events that caused the development of the sex addiction in each particular patient. Using developed by himself the unique hypnotic techniques, Dr. Tsan is able to put a patient into the deep hypnotic trance and while a patient is open for suggestions place the new positive instruction into addict’s subconscious mind.