Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Alcohol Addiction Recovery and 5 Things You Should Take Care of.

Making the choice to enter into Alcohol Addiction Recovery takes strength and courage. You should be proud of making this important step in improving your life, but you also may need to take the time to tie up some loose ends before you check into your program. Getting organized and getting things taken care of can help you worry less about your responsibilities and focus on what’s important right now: getting help for your addiction. Here are five steps to take to prepare your life for your time in rehab.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Take Care of Your Home during Alcohol Addiction Recovery

If you have the time, it’s a good idea to tidy up and prepare your house before you leave. Empty all perishables or give them away to a friend or a shelter. Run the dishwasher and set the thermostat to a comfy temp. Checking into rehab in the winter? Think about having someone stop by to turn on faucets when te犀利士
mps get below freezing. If it’s easier, consider hiring a house sitter or cleaning service to help maintain your home in your absence. Coming home to a clean, comfortable environment will be helpful when you check out of Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

Requesting a Leave of Absence during recovery from alcohol addiction

When it comes to taking time off work, it’s important to know your rights. Addiction is considered a medical condition, and time spent in a treatment program is covered by FMLA. Talk to your boss if you feel comfortable but also know you are not required to. Don’t be afraid to let people know you will be out of touch and unavailable. This is your time to focus on Alcohol Addiction Recovery, and you shouldn’t be worried about work. Also talk to your HR reps about benefits, like employee-assistance programs, that may help you in this time of need.

Figuring Out Your Finances for more effective recovery from alcoholism

Before you check into your treatment program, take some time for financial planning. Most Alcohol Addiction Recovery programs will take between 30-90 days, so make arrangements to cover that time. Pay any bills that may come due while you’re in Alcoholism Recovery or ask for extensions if necessary. Check out your health insurance plan to see if it covers the costs of treatment, to avoid adding to your financial worries. If you have short-term disability coverage, you may be able to offset any loss of pay while in Alcohol Addiction Recovery. Thinking about finances may not be fun, but it will help you stay stress-free during your treatment.

Make Arrangements for Pets during your recovery from alcohol addiction

Having pets can make checking into rehab a little trickier. Make sure your pet is taken care of in your absence. Hire a dog sitter to take care of your pet or look into dog-boarding options if that is easier. You can even consider dropping your pet off with family or friends if cost is an issue. For the latter, think about hiring a dog walker to help out with walks and playtime. A dog walker can come in handy too when you get back home and need a helping hand with your pet.

Figure Out How to Talk to Family and Friends about your recovery process

Talking to friends and family members about your absence may have you feeling anxious. You can let loved ones know the truth if you feel like sharing, or just let them know you’ll be gone for a while, but try to avoid just disappearing on the people close to you. If you have children, learn how to talk to them about your addiction. Talking to the people around you will lessen their worries when they haven’t heard from you in a while, and it can make conversations and social events a little less awkward when you’re out of Alcohol Addiction Recovery.

Take Care of Yourself while recovering from alcohol addiction

Alcohol Addiction Recovery is about learning new, healthy ways to handle stress and care for your body and mind. Aside from detoxification and behavioral therapy, you’ll need to dedicate some of your time at a rehabilitation facility to developing a self-care routine you can stick with when you come home. A good strategy is a well-rounded one, so aim to include basic hygiene, relaxing hobbies, and positive social interaction, as well as diet and exercise.

Entering into an Alcohol Addiction Recovery is a brave decision, but it can be daunting as well. By taking the time to get the rest of your life in order, you are taking a positive step in easing added stress and ensuring the success of your treatment. Stay strong and focused on the road ahead as you overcome your addiction.

The final step of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Any recovery process assumes complete escape from the habits and addictions you are recovering from. In the case of alcoholism recovery, you may choose the luxury of Antabuse / Disulfiram implant Esperal, which will keep you from drinking for up to 5 years. Esperal is 100% safe and virtually 100% effective. No side effects, no surgical installation, no stitches, no pain, and no recovery time. The treatment includes Acupuncture, Hypnosis, and Implantation. The length of the procedure is 3.5 hours and always done in one day. Immediately after the treatment, a patient is able to walk, drive and do any normal physical activities including a workout.

At the Philadelphia Addiction Center, you may get this procedure done and start a new life.

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There are no contraindications for the Esperal treatment, but you must be sober for two weeks prior to the procedure.

Researched and Written by Kimberly Hayes – The Author of “HOLISTIC RECOVERY

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