The Best Cure for a Hangover

Don't drink

Cure for a hangover

Cure for a hangover is generally a myth, according to the NHS, but you can avoid some things to diminish symptoms that usually come the next day after a party. The use of bubbly carbonated beverages is a widespread and effective hangover cure, but based on Nick Hird’s cofounder of ViDrate report, fizzy beverages are in fact a bad idea.

Best Cure for hangover


Don’t let a hangover ruin you this festive season. To cure headaches, nausea, and dizziness, hydration expert Nick Hird offers some top tips to quickly relieve your symptoms.

Nick Hird Sales Director and Co-founder at ViDrate based in Oakworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, offers a few tips for fast relieving hangover symptoms.

Hird advised not to consume non-alcoholic sparkling beverages for a cure of hangover symptoms. Bubbly drinks intensify the ability of your body to absorb alcohol – so will make your hangover worse.

“Apply the same rule to carbonated ethanol drinks such as prosecco and champagne – these liquors speed up an ethanol ingestion and you get drunker faster, resulting in a worse hangover.”

Hird offers five other tips for easing your hangover symptoms quickly.

Replace lost electrolytes – an essential part of a cure for a hangover

According to Nick Hird, electrolytes are the key to hydration. Hird explained, “They reload your body with the natural resources it needs to hold fluids and wash down contaminants, which means electrolytes have definitely represented the category of the most effective cures for a hangover, especially in combination with water hit.” Nick Hird Sales Director and Co-founder at ViDrate based in Oakworth, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, offers a few more tips for fast relieving hangover symptoms.

ont-size: 16pt;”>Avoid coffee – a surprisingly important part of a cure for a hangover.

Despite the fact that coffee may seem a fast and simple pick-me-up, Nick Hird recommends not to use it. Drinking coffee is not the best cure for a hangover.

Don't drink coffee

Nick Hird advised: “Taking a cup or two of strong black coffee after a party may sound like a good idea, however, in reality, the caffeine acts like a diuretic drying your body and making your symptoms even worse.”

Have a power nap – #1 remedy for a hangover.

Sleep is the best cure for a hangover, but when you’ve been drinking, alcohol interferes with your restful sleep, according to Hird.

Nick Hird also mentioned: “Do your best to schedule several hours for a nap the next day after the party, or if you can’t, make certain to be able to reserve an early night so your body can recuperate.” A healthy extended nap is definitely a great remedy for a hangover.

Exercises – effective natural cure for a hangover.

Exercises may be the last thing you want to do while your head is throbbing. But then you can reap the benefits. Believe it or not but exercises are a good remedy for a hangover.

Exercices become one of the bets remedy for a hangover

Nick Hird recommended: “Even a short walk or jog will improve your condition due to the inhalation of fresh air and released endorphins as a result of physical activities.”

Ginger – this medicinal plant is one of the best remedies for a hangover

If your stomach is unstable and you constantly have waves of nausea, ginger is a great remedy for a hangover.

Nick clarified: “Ingredients in ginger decrease the level of inflammation and help to relieve your stomach aches.”

Ginger - great medicinal plant

“Adding gingerol, the main component of ginger that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, while preparing your regular healthy drinks and smoothie will make them tastier and more beneficial, Extra amount of fruits and vegetables added to your meals will also help refill lost microelements. Also, you can add ginger to boiled water along with lemon and honey. The sugar in honey will also help balance low blood sugar.”

Hydrate before drinking

“Dehydration is the key root of experiencing hangover symptoms, combined with a deficit of vitamins and an extremely high amount of toxins infused into your body,” said Nick Hird.

Nick added then: “Ingesting of a substantial quantity of healthy beverages or just pure water before intake of ethanol-containing drinks you’re instantly reducing the alcohol blood level in your body. You’re supposed to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day – so this gives you an idea of how much you should be drinking to stay hydrated.” Nevertheless, drinking too much water when you already drunk is not the right cure for a hangover.

Make sure you eat – the best way to prevent a hangover.

“And the most obvious thing that people usually ignore,” Hird said “Don’t drink if you are hungry. Opposite, eating before drinking is the answer to how to prevent a hangover. Your body will absorb ethanol faster and you will get drunk in a matter of minutes. Eating a well-balanced meal before going out at night slows down the body’s alcohol absorption rate.,” said Hird.

Drink water with your alcohol

Ethanol is a diuretic. It forces your kidneys to manufacture more urine, meaning it makes you lose more water than you consumed. Thus, drinking water along with alcoholic beverages is a good remedy for a hangover.

Nick described it very simply: “After consumption of ethanol, you are urinating more often and thus losing more liquids than you drink. That’s how you are dehydrating yourself and with that, you also lose some of the body’s electrolytes. Consuming 10 oz of water or juice or even ice tea for every alcoholic beverage keeps you hydrated and helps you retain water, microelements, and vitamins.”

Don’t drink too much water

“Do not drink too much of spring water at bedtime, because it might lead to more damage than good,” warned Hird. 10 oz of water is enough. Drinking excess water means you will need to go to the toilet and it can ruin your sleep pattern.

Nick Hird also recommended, “Drink no more than one glass (8-10 oz) of water at bedtime and leave another glass at your nightstand in case if during the night you wake up from a banging head and a dry mouth.”


There is one way how to avoid a hangover entirely – don’t drink.

Don't drink

UK guidelines advise men and women not to drink more than 14 units a week regularly, and that drinking should be spread over three or more days. And yes, limiting the amount of alcohol is the best cure for a hangover.

If you suffer from alcohol dependency consider a serious treatment for alcoholism instead of a cure for a hangover.

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