Hypnosis For Drug Addiction

Why Hypnosis For Drug Addiction Is So Effective

Hypnosis for drug addiction becomes more and more demanded because the effectiveness of this method appeared to be significantly higher than it was expected, until newest clinical studies proved that clinical hypnotherapy changes the pattern of the addict’s behavior and makes the withdraw process easier and painless. There is a variety of treatments that are available for people suffering from addiction. However, the vast majority of these treatments involves a great deal of pain and stress for the people who undergo these treatments. Hypnosis for Drug addiction - Philadelhia

Newer therapies that are emerging tend to be extremely radical and are not guaranteed to work. These therapies are also not proven to be effective at curbing addiction, which makes them not very suitable candidates for drug therapy.

A new therapy has emerged that is neither radical nor are its effects under any doubt. This therapy is called hypnotherapy, and it involves hypnotizing the drug addicted patient and directing patient’s subconscious mind to the right pattern.

Although it was initially criticized for being pseudoscientific in its premise, hypnosis for drug addiction has started to gain popularity due to the fact that it has shown results in drug treatment.

What is Hypnosis For Drug Addiction

The procedure is quite simple. The addict is lulled into a hypnotic state wherein they become calm and pliable. Their psyches become more open to suggestion and it is at this moment that changes can be made to their behavior.

Hypnosis was long thought to be little more than a parlor trick used by magicians, but what most people didn’t know that the people who were hypnotized actually did undergo a mental change while they were in the hypnotic state.

Although the cartoonish antics that most people get up to while hypnotized are most certainly works of fiction, the fact remains that people do become susceptible to suggestion while they are in hypnotic states. This allows hypnotherapists to inculcate exact changes in their behavior patterns. Drug users can be made to associate the use of drugs with negative feelings and positive feelings which can go a long way to helping treat drug addiction in a way that is relatively less painful than modern drug treatments.

Who are the Best Candidate for Hypnosis for Drug Addiction

There are several things that need to be taken into consideration before initiating hypnosis for drug addiction. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that hypnosis for drug addiction is not always an adequate form of drug therapy in and of itself. Sometimes hypnosis for drug addiction is only good as a supplement of sorts to drug therapies that already exist.

In many ways, hypnosis for drug addiction is a way to expedite the recovery process. It accelerates the recovery process and acts as a catalyst for the treatments that the addict is already going through.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that hypnosis for drug addiction is not an immediate cure for addiction. It will not help the addict recover overnight. Drug treatment is a long term process and hypnosis for drug addiction will only help to shorten it to a certain point, along with helping to make it a slightly less stressful experience.

Drug addicts must also be serious about getting better for hypnosis for drug addiction to be effective. If the person is not serious about recovering, then the hypnosis for drug addiction will immediately become a great deal less effective.

However, if these things are kept in mind, hypnosis for drug addiction can prove to be extremely beneficial to drug addicts who are truly serious about recovering.

Salut Implants Increase Effect Hypnosis for Drug Addiction.

Buprenorphine is a drug that often used in healing of individuals addicted prescription painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, etc. Usually, the Buprenorphine is administered in a lozenges form that melts when left under the tongue for 2-3 minutes. In 2013, the FDA approved another form of buprenorphine – the subcutaneous implant.

The most advanced and effective implant of this group created and developed by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi and known as Salut.

Salut Implant for Opioid Addiction

Salut implants are positioned subcutaneously in the upper arm. This procedure must be performed by well-trained physician. The whole procedure takes a few minutes and requires no anesthesia. Once in place, Salut implant delivers repeated doses of the drug to the blood stream for up to 6 months. Expired implant will dissolve by itself and does not require to be removed. Salut implants offer a potential advantage because the dosing of the buprenorphine is out of the hands of individuals during the treatment process. Salut also delivers the synchronized outcome of excluding the threats for buprenorphine overdose and abuse and guaranteeing that individuals in treatment don’t forget to consume the required daily dose of this drug.

Effectiveness of Salute Implants in Combination With Hypnosis for Drug Addiction

In clinical studies, the group of scientists compared the usefulness of Salut implants for opioid addiction treatment to the ordinarily used buprenorphine pills as well as to placebo. The scientists determined that, compared to convalescing addicts who get regular buprenorphine tablets, addicts with implanted Salut experienced significantly less craving and withdraw symptoms (sweating, joint pain, body trembling, etc.).  The effectiveness of these implants becomes even higher when combined with hypnosis for drug addiction treatment.

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Hypnosis and Drug Addiction

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