Acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation

Acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation are effective, safe and natural. Acupuncture as a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and clinical hypnosis has been endorsed as drug-free techniques to support smokers to get rid of the habit, and there are some confirmations that these methods work, according to a study review that looked at 14 international studies.

acupuncture and hypnosis for smoking cessation

Scientists, whose discoveries published in the American Journal of Medicine, stated that there are still many inquiries, including how exactly different methods of alternative medicine may be effective and how they calculate up against conservative approaches to smoking cessation.

As a general rule, smokers who decided to quit may try standard approaches, which include nicotine-replacement therapy (patches, pills, etc.), medications and behavioral counseling.

“However, some individuals are not fascinated by the idea of using pharmaceutical medicines,” Dr. Tsan said, adding that in numerous cases the ordinary treatments had not worked at all. “Then, I believe we have to recommend acupuncture and clinical hypnosis as methods of choice.”

According to scientific publications, some studies disclosed that smokers exposed to acupuncture and hypnosis were more than four times as likely to be smoking-free 5-6 months to a year later.

In the same way, across four studies of hypnotherapy, smokers had a significantly greater success rate with the treatment compared to people who had only traditional help.

However, there were some caveats, scientists stated. The success rate was not steady in all the performed trials, while the all-encompassing trends suggested the significant paybacks of the combination of hypnosis and acupuncture.

A 2018 trial that competed 6 procedures of ear acupuncture on 258 cigarette smokers bring into being that more than 55% of patients that underwent the alternative management of smoking habit quit it and never smoked again for at least 12 months, compared with only 5% of patients who didn’t take alternative treatment for smoking habit.

At the same time a 2018 clinical research from Taiwan that considered results of auricular acupuncture reported even a higher success rate.

The status quo was parallel across the clinical hypnosis studies. Four different clinical trials performed at the different countries on different continents exposed a significant positive impact: 75% of hypnotherapy patients were smoke-free one year later.

Even so, Doctor Tsan pointed, there was a “trend” toward an advantage from corner to corner of all of the researches regarding use of acupuncture and hypnosis for smoke cessation.

There are still without doubt interrogations, he added, approximately how many procedures of ear acupuncture or hypnosis sessions might be essential, or which particular practices are best.

Other scientific reviews, though, have determined that the effectiveness of the alternative treatments for quitting smoking.

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At the Philadelphia Addiction Center, a subdivision of Philadelphia Holistic Clinic, Dr. Tsan and associates use a combination of acupuncture, hypnosis and homeopathic remedies to help smokers to quit. The overall 92 percent of our patients successfully quit smoking and never relapsed.

Philadelphia Addiction Center is the nationwide recognized treatment facility for its innovative approach to treatment and management of nicotine and alcohol addictions.

To book an appointment for an initial consultation and to discuss with Dr. Tsan the best alternative approach, contact our center (267) 403-3085 or use our online scheduling application.

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