New Year’s resolution to stop drinking

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New Year’s resolution to stop drinking is the second most popular after quitting smoking. The start of each new year holds countless traditions, including:

  • We watch the apple drop on Times Square, the universe’s capital.
  • We kiss close friends and relatives at midnight.
  • We are making sounds, and…
  • We make New Year’s resolutions to do something positive and significant in the new year.
  • Also, on a New Year’s night, we drink.

Here we are today, over a month into the new 2024 year. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet? Did you stop smoking? Did you start working out and exercising?

But if you have a drinking problem, whatever you’ve already resolved, I have something better to propose.

My New Year’s resolution is to stop drinking.

This might seem contradictory when I’m recommending quitting right before the New Year after saying that spirits are a part of every New Year’s tradition. Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between a  glass of champagne at midnight and a whole night of drinking. People who have drinking problems never stop at one glass, and that’s what matters. Don’t think I am against a glass of red wine accompanying a medium-done fillet minion, a bottle of beer with a cheeseburger, or a glass of Champaign on a date with your girlfriend. No, I am against alcohol addiction and the irresponsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Approximately half of American adults recognize themselves as drinkers, and almost 90% of American adults have at least once in their lives been drunk. More than 16 million individuals of different races and nationalities are addicted to liquor in the USA. Almost 100,000 people die every year from different alcohol-related reasons.

Here are ten reasons why your New Year’s resolution to stop drinking should have been your highest priority in 2024. The first five reasons are physical, and the next five are more outlying. If you are enjoying drinking and doing it responsibly, stop reading this post. This post is for folks with drinking problems only. You know who you are, so decide for yourself.

  1. Alcohol Kills You Make a New Year’s Resolution to Stop Drinking

Alcoholic beverages claim 88,000 lives annually only in the USA. On a global scale, alcohol-related deaths spiked to over 3.5 million. Every 10 seconds in the world, somebody dies because of enormous alcohol consumption.

  1. Alcohol can make you sick.

Spirits decline your immune system; thus, the more alcohol you consume, the less immune you become to illnesses. Consequently, alcohol consumption puts you at greater risk of becoming ill. Also, alcohol consumption can deteriorate any existing medical conditions you may already have. That’s why the New Year’s resolution to stop drinking becomes even more critical.

  1. Spirits are tremendously addictive; make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking.

Liquors are very addictive because your brain eventually craves them to function appropriately. The neurotransmitters and endorphins fabricated and released from alcohol consumption act as a reward for your brain. After some time of continued alcohol consumption, changes in the brain occur that require more and more alcohol.

  1. Alcohol Abuse Leads to Amnesia

Based on Dr. Aaron White of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) research, “It could be quite problematic for a witness to tell if somebody is blacked out. The drunk person could give the impression of being aware and articulate, however, without any memory being logged in mind.”

  1. Alcohol causes the development of some forms of cancer.

Normally, a body system (the liver and kidneys) breaks down alcohol into harmless components; however, occasionally in a healthy body and frequently in organisms suffering from chronic diseases, the result of spirits turns into some chemicals known as acetaldehyde. These chemicals represent the #1 group of carcinogens known to trigger the development of cancer cells in human bodies. To avoid cancer, make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking.

  1. Your犀利士
    Kids Will Drink

Alcoholism is an illness, and this particular illness tends to ‘run in the family.’ The statistic shows that some individuals may be naturally predisposed to start drinking alcohol, and contraryly, other people never drink at all. When your kids see you drunk, they become attracted to this condition and follow your parents in everything they want to try, which makes their parents have one drink after another. That’s why if you don’t want to make your kids dependent on drinking, make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking.

  1. Alcohol Increases the Risk of Suicide

“Spirits intensify impulsivity and diminish self-consciousness. Alcohol upsurges negative self-perception and declines confidence; it extends depression symptoms and social separation and grows with the number of times spirits are consumed. The majority of suicide attempts happen during binge drinking.”

  1. Alcohol Leads to Domestic Violence

The American Medical Association informed lately that 92% of domestic abusers were consuming alcoholic beverages at the time of the violence. And another irrefutable connection… Six of ten domestic violence episodes have a confirmed alcohol or substance abuse problem.

  1. Alcohol ruins relationships; make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking.

Consuming an excess of spirits causes the drinker to become short-tempered, confrontational, and even offensive. Drinking excess alcohol leads to family destruction. Please don’t allow it. Make your New Year’s resolution to stop drinking today and stay with your domestic partner and kids forever.

  1. Alcohol is expensive.

Alcoholic beverages aren’t chips. Do you want to know how much you will save if you make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking? Use the calculator developed by the National Institutes of Health.

New Year’s resolution to stop drinking - saving on alcohol calculator

In Conclusion, my New Year resolution is to stop drinking

Quit drinking. If you decide to be healthier, stopping alcohol consumption should be your main goal, and the New Year’s resolution to stop drinking should be at the top of your list. If you don’t have any drinking problems, congratulations, happy new year, and thanks for reading!

In all seriousness, if you, your loved one, or just someone you know is fighting an alcohol addiction, please search for help as soon as possible. Alcoholism can be fatal. It’s never too late to quit. Life is short and brutal. Wake up tomorrow morning and make a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking. Yes, you can do it.

If you don’t know where and how to start or need professional help, contact Philadelphia Addiction Clinic at (267) 403-3085 to book your appointment for an initial evaluation with Dr. Tsan. Help is just one click away.

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