Antabuse implant for alcoholism treatment

Antabuse Implants helps to maintain sober lifestyle

Antabuse Implant

Antabuse Implant is one of the newest and most highly effective approaches to treating alcohol addictionAntabuse (Disulfiram) is a well-known anti-alcohol medication commonly used in the USA and Great Britain in a daily pill form or intramuscular injections. It is effective, but if you are searching for a form of treatment inserted into your body that works non-stop for 48+ months, you must visit Eastern Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic) or Philadelphia Addiction Center. Simply one alcoholic beverage is enough to make you feel brutally sick. Thus, it has been brought into being a highly effective alcohol-deterrent medicine.

Medical Vacations for Antabuse Implant Treatment

In 2014, a news commentary in the Daily Mail of London presented that a lot of professional females from Great Britain would travel to Eastern European clinics in Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belorussia, and Western Ukraine on a “medical vacation” to have this alcohol addiction cure for a price of nearly $4,500, which incorporated trip, lodgings, and the procedure.

A Lithuanian health center informed in 2016 that more than 80% of the patients were females in their late 30s and 40s, most of whom were from England. The treatment clinic stated that these women commonly had difficulties keeping parenthood, profession, and married life at the appropriate standards, and they would drink behind closed doors comfy to get through their day.

How Disulfiram Works?

In the USA, Disulfiram (the generic name for Antabuse) has been well-known and widely used for decades, and the FDA has approved prescriptions for alcohol addiction treatment. Unlike modern remedies for alcohol addiction, which either stop the relaxing and sedative effects of ethanol products or kill your urging to proceed with alcohol consumption, Antabuse causes a so-called Disulfiram-Ethanol Reaction (DAR) that manifests in the highly destructive response on every occasion when you consume alcohol-containing products. Zithromax 500mg

Antabuse Implant at Philadelphia Addiction Center

Disulfiram is a drug that stops the standard digestion and detoxification of ethanol in your organism, making you enormously sick within minutes after consumption. It leads to symptoms that make you feel you are dying (heart palpitation, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, profuse sweating, seizures, and more). Accutane online

Objectively, you may develop a significant drop in arterial blood pressure and a significant increase in heart rate. Other symptoms include dizziness, intense headaches, and hyperventilation.

Antabuse Implantation

In European clinics, the Disulfiram implants are positioned under the person’s skin and most commonly in the epigastrial area of the stomach; however, they can be placed anywhere (shoulder, gluteus, etc.). The regular Antabuse implant discharges a continuous dose of the medicine for almost one year. Clomid online

“I can say that 95% of the request for information we’ve had are from womenfolk who stated they drink in the comfort of their homes and often consume as many as two-three bottles of wine daily. Some of these women said that nobody in the household (husband, children) recognizes the number of alcoholic beverages they consume. These women are desperate because they understand this habit has put an end to their family relationships and made the lives of their family members miserable,” said Russell Hughes, proprietor and medical director of Aluston Health Center in Riga, Latvia.

Research Studies on Antabuse Implant

Clinical trials discovered that longstanding usage of Disulfiram is effective because it helps you break your drinking habit. While disulfiram helps stop alcohol consumption, you get enough time to understand that you can continue your life without liquors.

The drawback is that Antabuse is toxic and may cause severe liver and kidney problems after prolonged use.

The French-made Antabuse implant Esperal consists of a microchip and an isolated container field with Antabuse. The Antabuse from Esperal is infused into the patient’s bloodstream only if a patient consumes alcohol. Since the goal of implantation is not to punish alcoholics for drinking but prevent them from alcohol consumption, patients usually live their life in sobriety and without having any side effects of Disulfiram.

Antabuse implant Esperal in the US is available at the Philadelphia Addiction Center. The price of the procedure starts from $1800. It includes an acupuncture procedure, a clinical hypnosis session, and painless implantation performed using a high-air pressure syringe without any cuts to your skin. The implantation leaves no marks or scars and requires no stitches. There is no downtime and no recovery period after the procedure.

For more information and patients’ testimonials regarding this service, read here

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