How to Earn Money While Searching for Your First Job While Recovering from Addiction

The period of recovering from addiction frequently creates barriers to employment. After a phase of active Addiction, you may have gaps in your employment history, poor references from former employers, or a criminal history that makes it difficult to find a job. Nonetheless, there are bills to pay, and you need income to cover them.

Recovering from addiction

Sending out resume after resume during the phase of recovering from addiction without a call back is discouraging, but you don’t have to wait for someone to hire you to start earning income. Here are a few ways you can earn money while searching for a job:

Run Errands for Cash

Whether you pitch services to neighbors or work through a sharing economy app like TaskRabbit or Postmates, running errands for people who have more money than time is a classic way to earn extra cash. Don’t have a car? Run errands by bike if you live in an urban area. You’ll save on gas, improve your health and maybe even beat traffic!

Walk Dogs Jobs for Recovered from Addiction

About 36.5 percent of U.S. households own a dog, according to the AVMA, which means you probably know some dog owners. Ask around to see who needs a dog walker and after wowing your clients for a few weeks, ask them to refer you to their dog-owning friends. You can also find dog walking jobs online through sites including DogWalker, Wag! and others.

Sell Things Online – Job Opportunity for Recovered from Addiction

Whether it’s handmade items, unique secondhand wares or retail goods, you can find a market online. If you’re selling your own crafts, read the Talented Ladies Club’s advice on where to sell and how to get your products seen.

Participate in Research Studies – Great for Recovered from Addiction

Clinical trials, research studies, and focus groups are always looking for participants. While it’s not a consistent source of income, while you are recovering from addiction, participating in consumer research is an effective way to earn occasional cash.


Working for yourself while recovering from addiction, will keep you busy, but find time to continue searching for full-time employment. Regular employment provides you with a steady paycheck, health benefits, and social connection, all of which are invaluable as you rebuild your life in recovery. Use these tips to help you on your job search:

Update Your Resume

Ensure your resume looks professional, free of errors and reflects your current gig. Even if it’s not a full-time job, having a gig shows employers that you’re motivated.

Use Available Resources

Many cities offer skills training, interview assistance, and job placement services for the public and also special training for recovering from addiction individuals. Staffing agencies are also helpful when looking for work. Research to learn what resources are available to you.

Watch for Scams

Employment scams that target job seekers come in a variety of forms. FlexJobs lists some of the most common job search scams so you know what to look out for. In general, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Don’t Fear Failure While Recovering from Addiction

The worst that can happen from applying for a job is you don’t get it. Even an interview that doesn’t end in a job provides valuable experience that you can use to improve your next interview. While recovering from addiction, apply for all the jobs you’re qualified for and interested in, even if you’re not sure you can get it.

Searching for employment in recovering from addiction phase can be discouraging. It may take a lot of resumes, cover letters and interviews before you’re offered a job. Maintain your commitment to sobriety during this trying time. Live a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, take care of your mental health and stay connected to your recovery support system. Only by keeping an eye on your sobriety can you continue to move forward in life and recovery.

If you received treatment at the Philadelphia Addiction Center talk to our stuff and as for special support program. We have business relations with many companies in the area who are glad to employ our former patients using our recommendations and referral program.

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